Sokkia Total Station CX 105 , CX 103 , CX 102 Sebagai pengganti Total Station Sokkia SET-550x, 350x, 650x, 250x

Total Station Sokkia SET-550x, 350x, 650x, 250x
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Total Station Sokkia SET-550x
We officially announced the release of the new 50x total station series with improved measurement range and speed.

EDM Performance Improvement
Series Total Station The new expanded measurement range to 4, 000 m ( 13 120 ft) with a single prism, and up to 5, 000 m ( 16 400 ft) with three prisms. This is an increase of 20 percent from the previous model while reducing the measurement time by 40 percent.

" The Series 50X incorporates five measurement signals with the highest modulation frequency of 75MHz. In conjunction with digital signal processing technology is also used sophisticated in our reflectorless total station, the new EDM significantly increases distance measurement capability and reliability under all environmental conditions."

New Compensator, IACS and the World-proven Encoder System
The new tilt sensor unit dual-axis compensation to increase the range of ± 6 ' ( ± 111mgon) , facilitating instrument settings such as leveling and centering.

The 2 " model is equipped with the new Independent Angle Calibration System ( IACS) to further enhance the stability of the measurement. The IACS is commonly used in high-end model with a 0.5" / 1 " / 2" angle accuracy NET, SRX and SET X. Bakker said, " The system is very simple angle encoder consists of a minimum number of optical and mechanical system also features innovative technology to automatically detect and correct incorrect encoder reading patterns .."

The highest protection against dust and water
Industry leading IP66 protection keeps out dust powder, sand, mud, snow, dripping water or driving rain.

Other Features Include
* Class 1 safe laser output
* Built-in laser for instrument settings option declined rapidly
* SD or SDHC card slot and USB flash memory slot is added
* Built-in Bluetooth ® module option for wireless communication with data collectors
* Password protection to prevent unauthorized use

" The 50x Series is designed for users who want a compact, accurate, but the most rugged and reliable total station, " says Bakker. " The Series 50X join the family of ' X' of the instrument which is the ' ultimate in precision and reliability' ensured by Sokkia brand."

Product lineup
Model with four levels of angle accuracy:
- SET250X ( 2 " )
- SET350X ( 3 " )
- SET550X ( 5 " )
- SET650X ( 6 " )

About Sokkia
Sokkia, founded in 1920 in Japan, is a leading manufacturer in developing complete measurement solutions for surveying, construction and industrial measurement applications. Our portfolio includes GNSS systems ( Global Navigation Satellite Systems) , reflectorless and robotic total stations, automatic 3-D stations, digital theodolites, automatic / digital levels, laser rotational lines / and software.

Sokkia BV European headquarters and is located in the Netherlands. Sokkia BV is primarily responsible for, marketing sales, service support, and distribution of Sokkia products in Europe. European markets are served through an extensive network in order to meet market needs. Sokkia is a famous and important player in surveying, civil engineering market measurement, registration, monitoring, building, construction and industrial