Topcon GTS - 230N Series


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GTS-230N Series :
The new standard for total stations!
The TOPCON GTS-230N Series are the innovative successor to the best selling GTS-210/ 220 Series Total Stations.
The GTS-210 Series
with " Waterproof " design brought revolution to the surveying industry with features and durability. Now the new GTS-230N Series have up-graded their basic functions for distance and angle measurement in addition to maintaining superb durability against the environment.
The GTS-230N Series has a large 24 key keyboard as standard.
Superior Basic Function for measuring distance & angle
The GTS-230N Series are provided with a distance measuring range of 3, 000m ( 9, 900ft) to a single prism which is superior in their class ( GTS-239N: 2, 000m ( 6, 600ft) / 1 prism) , while maintaining high accuracy ± ( 2mm+ 2ppmxD) m.s.e.( GTS-239N: ± ( 3mm+ 3ppmxD) m.s.e.) . As for distance measuring time, data updates at a high rate speed of 1.2 seconds in the fine measurement mode. ( 0.7 seconds in the coarse mode, and 0.4 seconds in the tracking mode) . This shorter distance measurement time will allow you to increase your efficiency and productivity in the field.
Increased Internal Memory for Data Storage
The GTS-230N Series has the internal memory to store up to 24, 000 points for data collection and layout work. Due to this substantial memory capacity, you do not need to worry about memory storage.
Dual-Axis Compensator
Dual-axis compensation is available for GTS-233N/ 235N/ 226N model. This dual-axis tilt sensor automatically corrects the vertical and horizontal angle compensation for miss-leveling error.
24 key keyboard
The new GTS-230N has a 24 key Numeric keyboard build in on both sides. This 24 key keyboard makes it easier and quicker to key in codes and other alpha or numeric fields.
Compact and Light Weight
The GTS-230N Series compact and weigh only 4.9 kg ( 10.8 pounds) , ( instrument body with on-board battery and handle grip) . Due to this small size and weight you can easily transport to and around the job site.
Waterproof IP66! !
The GTS-230N Series stand up to any wet weather condition that occurs in the field, giving the great benefit of not experiencing down time due to bad weather. The waterproof-ness ( IP66) of the GTS-230N Series assure durable performance in the field under all conditions as an " All Weather " Total Station.
Easy to use
The layout of keyboard and display are clear and ensure easy operation. The menu driver software is easy to learn, intuitive and use a complete range of surveying and setting out routines. The GTS-233N and GTS-225 have 2 side displays, the GTS-236N and the GTS-239N have the display and keyboard on one side.