Total Station Topcon GPT-3000LN


Topcon GPT-3000LN is Long Range Reflectorless Total Station, flagship model of GPT-3000 family series.
The revolutionary 1200m "Power Pulse" technology provides reflectorless measurement upto 1200m by eye safe power PULSE laser. This is the breakthrough in reflectorlesss Total Station, nearly 4times longer than other similar total station in the market today.

1200m reflectorless would be useful in many application like following for example.
 - Inaccessible area
   - Landslide
   - Slope Measurement
   - Mountain Area / Forestry
 - Wide Area Survey
   - Mining
   - Construction Site (Volume Calculation Survey)
   - Large scale Object Measurement (Dam, Bridge)

GPT-3000LN supports also "High Accuracy Prismless mode" for those who need higher accuracy and do not require long distance. This high accuracy mode still reachs range upto 350m, which is same or longer than any similar total station today.

GPT-3000LN's "AAA" (Anything, Anytime, Anywhere) feature assure you to be able to "catch" any object upto 350m. In fact, ordinary reflectorless total station would be mostly affected in reflectorless range depending on type of object (e.g. color, material, shape etc), because no reflection of light from object could not be obtained by total station. GPT-3000LN's power pulse AAA will solve this dilemma in the field.
1200m Power PULSE: "Power PULSE" 1.2km prismless measurement is useful for measurement at inaccessible area like landslide, steep slope at road side, Dam and Bridge. Also usable for wide area volume measurement & calculation in construction / mining site. 2.4km diameter of prism workable range without prism  will greatly boost up your field productivity.

Reality of actual prismless measurement could be affected by many factors, such as color/material/shape of object, weather condition and so on. AAA feature of GPT-3000LN guarantee your comfortable prismless measurement upto 350m at any condition (Anything, Anytime, Anywhere). Even at longer distance, much higher capability to "catch" the distance than usual prismless technology.

Dual Optical System
GPT-3000LN provides not only prismless but also prism measurement (3000m /1prism) by its unique "Dual Optical Design".  Reflectorless measuring requires a finely focused beam for pinpoint accuracy. Prisms need a wider pattern to prevent off-center measuring degradation. Topconfs dual-optical system gives you both for the maximum measuring accuracy all the time.
"No Error" Pulse Laser
Topcon's unique "No Error" pulse laser based reflectorless measurement eliminates measuring errors caused by the overlapping signals used in phase measuring systems. Accurately measuring corners or through objects such as a chainlink fence is always fast and reliable.
"Eye-safe" Pulse Laser
Distance measuring laser of GPT-3000LN is "Eye-safe" invisible laser (Laser Class 1). It is possible to work safely even at busy urban / city area.
Powerful Onboard Program
& Built-in Data Collector
GPT-3000LN comes with powerful field program for land survey & construction.
"Road Survey Program" is newly added to this class of total station, which will definitely improve the field convenience in road works.

Built in Data Collector Capability has also been enhanced, which now supports 24000 points data recording for Topo or Layout data.

- Coordinate Measurement
- REM (Remote Elevation Measurement)
- MLM (Missing Line Measurement)
- Offset Measurement
- Stakeout
- Point to Line
- Data Collection (24,000 points)
- Road Survey Program


GPT-3002LN/N GPT-3003LN/N GPT-3005LN/N GPT-3007LN/N
Length 150mm
Objective Lens Diameter 45mm (EDM 50mm)
Magnification 30x
Image Erect
Field of View 1°30'
Resolving Power 2.8"
Min.Focus Distance 1.3m (4.9ft)
Distance Measurement
Prism Mode
Measuring Range (1 prism) 3,000m
Condition 1: Slight haze with visibility about 20km (12.5miles) moderate sunlight with light heat shimmer.
Measurement accuracy Fine : +/-(3mm+2ppm)m.s.e.
Coarse: +/-(7mm+2ppm)m.s.e.
Non Prism Mode (Diffusing Surface)
Measuring Range 1.5m to 250m
Measuring Accuracy Fine Mode :+/-(5mm)m.s.e. (25m or more)
'+/-(10mm)m.s.e. (1.5-25m)
Coarse : +/-(10mm)m.s.e.
Measuring Time Fine 1mm mode : Approx 1.2sec (Initial 3sec)
Fine 0.2mm mode: Approx 3.0sec (Initial 4sec)
Coarse mode 1mm/10mm : Approx 0.5sec (initial 2.5sec)
Non Prism Long Mode (Diffusing Surface)
Measuring Range 5m to 1,200m
Measuring Accuracy
(<500m, Kodak Gray Cardwhite surface (90%))
Fine 1mm mode : +/-(10mm+10ppm)m.s.e.
Coarse 5/10mm : +/-(20mm+10ppm)m.s.e.
Tracking (10mm)mode : +/-(100mm)m.s.e.
Measuring Time Fine 1mm mode : Approx 1.5 to 6sec (Initial 6-8sec)
Coarse mode (5/10mm): Approx 1 to 3 sec (Initial 6 to 8sec)
Tracking (10mm)mode : Approx 0.4sec (Initial 4 to 7 sec)
Least Count in Measurement
Prism Mode / Non Prism Mode Fine Mode 1mm / 0.2mm
Coarse Mode : 10mm/1mm
Non Prism Long Mode Fine Mode : 1mm
Coarse Mode : 5mm/10mm
Tracking Mode : 10mm
Measurement Display 12digits : max display 99999999.9999
Atmospheric Correction Range -999.9ppm to +999.9ppm, in 0.1ppm increments
Prism Constant Correction Range -99.9mm to +99.9mm, in 0.1mm increments
Angle Measurement
Method Absolute Reading
Detecting System H: 2sides H:2sides H: 1side
V: 2sides V:1side V: 1side
Minimum Reading 1"/5" (0.2/1mgon) 5"/10"(1/2mgon)
Accuracy 2" (0.6mgon) 3" (1mgon) 5" (1.5mgon) 7" (2mgon)
Measuring Time Less than 0.3sec
Diameter of Circle 71mm
Display Unit Graphics LCD 160x64 dots with backlight
2sides 1side
Keyboard Alpha-Numeric Key
Tilt Correction (Automatic Index)
Tilt Sensor Dual Axis Single Axis
Method Liquid type
Compensating Range +/-3'
Correction Unit 1" (0.1mgon)
Others Others
Data Recording (Memory) Approx 24,000 points
Instruments Heights 176mm (6.93in)
Laser Class Class 1 (for distance measurement)
Class 2 (Laser Pointer : On/Off Switchable)
Level Sensitivity
Circular Level 10"/2mm
Plate Level 20"/2mm 40"/2mm
Size / Weight
Dimention 336(H)x184(W)x172(L)mm
Weight Instrument (with battery) : 5.3kgs
Plastic Carrying Case : 3.4kgs (Slightly different depending on market)
Water & Dustproof IP66 (incl BT-52QA battery) (Based on the standard IEC60529)
Ambient Temperature Range -20?C to +50?C
Battery BT-52Q
Output Voltage DC7.2V
Capacity 2.7Ah (Ni-MH)
Maximum Operating time (when fully recharged) at +20?C Maximum Operating time (when fully recharged) at +20?C
Distance+Angle Measurement GPT-3000LNseries : 3.5hours
GPT-3000N series : 4.2hours
Angle Measurement Only 45hours
Weight 0.3kg
Battery Charger BC-27
Input Voltage AC100-220V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Recharging time (at +20?C) 1.8hours (for BT-52QA battery)
Discharging Time (at +20?C) 8hours (for BT-52QA battery fully charged)
Operating Temperature +10°C to +40°C
Weight 0.5kg

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