Total Station Topcon GPT-7000 series

Pulse Total Station GPT-7000 series

A versatile all-in-one non-prism total station that mounts a Windows®CE.NetTM-based data collection function in a pulse total station that is accurate and without incorrect indication.
Data collector function and application program are standard provisions.
Windows®CE.NetTM is installed.
A large color display + touch panel
Real-time 3D view
(Tuned to movements of the system, 3D positions are graphically displayed)
Small diameter pin point pulse
Data send and receive function using the Internet (e-mail).
(A communication modem sold on the market can be used)
Versatile interfaces
(Transmission and reception via a CF card, USB and RS-232C)
Point guide is installed
  GPT-7001 GPT-7002 GPT-7003 GPT-7005
Length 150mm
Objective Lens Dia. 45mm (EDM 50mm)
Magnification 30 ×
Image Erect
Field of View 1°30 ×
Resolving Power 2.8″
Min. Focus Distance 1.3m (4.29 ft.)
Measuring Range
  Non-prism mode
  In low light condition and
  without sun glare on target

(Target: White surface)
1.5 to 250m (5 to 820 ft.)
Prism Mode
 1 prism (Condition 1)
3,000m (9,900 ft.)
Condition 1: Sight haze with visibility about 20km (12.5 miles) moderate sunlight with light heat shimmer.
Measurement Accuracy  
 Non-prism Mode (Diffusing Surface)
  1.5m or more (5 ft. or more) ± (5mm) m.s.e.
 Prism Mode to 25m (to 82 ft.) ± (3mm+2ppm・D*) m.s.e.
  25m or more (82 ft. or more) ± (2mm+2ppm・D*) m.s.e.
Least Count in Measurement  
  Fine Measurement Mode 1mm (0.005 ft.)/0.2mm (0.001 ft.)
  Coarse Measurement Mode 10mm (0.02 ft.)/1mm (0.005 ft.)
  Tracking Measurement Mode 10mm (0.02 ft.)
Measurement Display 11 digits: max. display 9999999.9999
Measuring Time  
  Fine Measurement Mode 1mm: Approx. 1.2 sec. (Initial 3.0 sec.)
0.2mm: Approx. 3.0 sec. (Initial 4.0 sec.)
  Coarse Measurement Mode Approx. 0.5 sec. (Initial 2.5 sec.)
  Tracking Measurement Mode Approx. 0.3 sec. (Initial 2.5 sec.)
Atmospheric Correction Range -999.9ppm to +999.9ppm, in 0.1ppm increments
Prism Constant Correction Range -99.9mm to +99.9mm, in 0.1mm increments
Method Absolute Reading
Detecting System H: 2 sides V: 2 sides
Minimum Reading 0.5″ / 1″
1″ / 5″
Accuracy** 1″
Diameter of Circle 71mm
Type Dual axis
Method Liquid type
Compensating Range ±4′
Correction Unit 1″ (0.1mgon)
OS Microsoft Windows® CE.Net 4.2
Processor 177 Mhz Hitachi SH7750R

64MB Flash Disk (Internal)
(A portion is used for pre-installed programs and data management functions)
Display Unit 320×240 (QVGA) dots Graphic LCD TFT color
display with back lights and touch panel function
2 sides 1 side
Card System CompactFlashTM Card (Type I/II)
Serial I/F Port RS-232C (6 pin)
USB (type B) for ActiveSync®
Instrument Height 182mm (7.2 in.)
Level Sensitivity
  Circular Level
  Plate Level

10′ /2mm
30′ /2mm
Optical Plummet  
 Magnification 3 ×
 Focusing Range 0.5m to infinity
 Image Erect
Point Guide Provided
 GPT-7001/7002/7003 343mm(H) × 245mm(W) × 219mm(L)/13.5(H) × 9.6(W) × 8.6(L)in.
 GPT-7005 343mm(H) × 245mm(W) × 199mm(L)/13.5(H) × 9.6(W) × 7.8(L)in.
 Instrument (with battery) GPT-7001/7002/7003: 6.5kg(14.3 lbs.) GPT-7005: 6.4kg (14.1 lbs.)
 Plastic Carrying Case 4.7kg (10.3 lbs.)
 Protection against water and dust IP54 (Based on the standard IEC60529)
 Ambient Temperature – 20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Laser Class Class 1 (for disntace measurement)
Class 2 (Laser Pointer On)
ON-BOARD LITHIUM-ION BATTERY BT-61Q (This battery does not contain mercury.)
Output Voltage DC7.4V
Capacity 4,400mAh
 Maximum operating time at +20°C (+68°F)  
 Including distance measurement Approx. 5.0 hours
 Angle measurement only Approx. 10 hours
Weight 0.2kg (0.4 lbs.)
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Recharging Time
(at +20°C/+68°F)
4 hours
Ambient Temperature Range +10°C to +40°C (+50°F to 104°F)
Weight 0.15kg (0.3 lbs.)