Sokkia Total Station 350RX - The Series50RX are the new line-up of easy-to-use Reflectorless Total Stations and operate in heat or frost, in sand or snow, in powder dust or driving rain with unprecedented dependability.

Environmentally Durable

  • The Series50RX total stations offer the industry's highest durability that withstands the severest climates as well as the harshest work site conditions.
  • Dependable operation in the heat of up to +60°C;
  • Ensures operations in freezing climates as low as -30°C
Highest Protection against Dust and Water
  • The Series50RX withstands the finest powder dust as well as the hardest driving rain. The industry-leading IP66 protection provides unparalleled reliability in the harshest work site conditions.
  • Dust-tight - IP6x is the highest grade of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects.
  • Water-protection - IPx6 rating means the instrument is protected against powerful water jets from any direction
The following highlights come standard
  • 2", 3", 5", 6" models available
  • Enhanced RED-tech II distance meter for 400m pinpoint reflectorless measurement
  • Increased measuring speed for distance measurement
  • Using the benefit of laser distance measurement but with Laser Safety ensured
  • Superb angle precision and durability
  • Guidelight for easy set-out operations
  • Easy data transfer possibilities (SDSDHC Cards, USB-memory)
  • Alphanumeric illuminated keyboard for easy operation in dark environments
  • Standard temperature conditions ensured (-20 to +50ºC)
Standard onboard programs
  • Resection
  • 3D Coordinate Measurement
  • Setting-out
  • Set-out Line
  • Set-out Arc
  • Point Projection
  • Intersection
  • Traverse Adjustment
  • Single-distance offset
  • Two-distance offset (hidden point)
  • Offset-angle
  • MLM (Missing Line Measurement)
  • REM (Remote Elevation Measurement)
  • Area Calculation

Specifications Series 50RX
Accuracy (ISO17123-3:2001) 2", 3", 5" and 6" models
Laser output Class 3R (Reflectorless), Class 1 (Prism/Sheet mode)
Measuring range 0,3 m - 400 m
Accuracy with reflective sheet target (3 + 2ppm x D) mm
Accuracy with prism (2 + 2ppm x D) mm
Operating temperature -20 to +50°C (standard models)
Operating temperature -30 to +50°C (low-temp models)
Operating temperature -20 to +60ºC (high-temp models)
Data Management 10.000 point internal memory, data transfer via SD/SDHC Cards and USB Memory
Keyboard 4 softkeys and 23 keys (total 27) with backlight
Weight (with handle and battery) 5,5 kg

Complete with:

  • Sokkia Total Station
  • 2 x Aluminium Tripod
  • 1 x Prisma Polygon
  • 1 x Range Pole
  • 1 x Single Prism
  • 1 x Cable Data
  • 1 x Software Data