Total Station Gowin

Total Station Gowin TKS-202

Gowin Total Station, TKS-202


High Quality Low Cost
Total stations, sometimes inaccessible because of cost, are now within reach. Do not get fooled by other total stations at cheap prices. The Gowin, as with all Topcon/Sokkia instruments, is built to exacting standards and is completely reliable.  It will provide years of productivity at a lower cost.  If you need a light and quick instrument for boundary surveys, layout, or any other survey or construction task, then the Gowin is for you.
The Gowin total station is packed with features, but easy to use.  It’s expanded keyboard and on-board software allows professionals to check grade, topo, set points and perform any number of other survey and layout tasks.
Built to work the way you do, the TKS-202 comes standard with an RS232 port, for use with most field controllers. The 2" angle accuracy comes in handy for those who also need high accuracy.  This is the best low cost total station on the market today.
• Economical, value-priced measuring solution
• Two second angle accuracy
• Expanded, full numeric keypad
• On-board programs & 24,000 point data storage
• Ideal as a construction layout, or boundary instrument
• Works with most all data collectors and software