H32 GNSS RTK System
Originated from HI-TARGET's know-how in GNSS technology, H32 is a very competitive GNSS RTK system on current market with its rugged design and affordable price.

H32's housing is made of General Electric Xenoy 5220U polymer resin, the special internal design makes it effectively avoid or lessen optical crosstalk and multipath effect to ensure stable working performance even it is in harsh environment conditions.

H32's front control panel with super bright OLED display screen makes the survey job more intuitive. No matter it is in the dark or strong sunshine, the screen is comfortably readable to your eyes.

OLED Display Screen
Resolution 128X64 OLED display screen makes the survey job more intuitive. All settings and working status is readable from the display on the front control panel, such as satellite pattern, working mode, UHF radio channel, power consumption etc.

Multi Constellation Tracking
Fully compatible to GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, GALILEO satellite constellations.

ALL-in-one Transceiver UHF Radio
With built-in transceiver UHF radio, the base/rover working mode can be switched easily in one receiver. Adjustable transmitting power is in three levels, the working time and distance can be managed according to needs. For internal UHF radio, the longest working distance is 6KM. For external UHF radio, the longest working distance is 20KM.

Seamlessly Operation in CORS System
Network RTK solution by internal GPRS/GSM modem is a good method when the network signal is stable and wide. It works perfectly with corrections from CORS networks in any version of CMR or RTCM without needing to interpret the message but reading seamlessly.

Powerful Battery
4400mAh Li-ion battery ensures that RTK can work a whole day
Static: 13 to 15 hours
RTK Rover (UHF or GPRS): 10 to 12 hours
RTK Base (External Radio): 8 to 10 hours

Rugged design, IP67
The special latching technology on flexible flat cables ensures trouble-free operation under impact or vibration. Withstands 2 meters nature fall.

Technical Parameters
Interface part
2 RS-232 serial ports
1 USB port
1 Bluetooth wireless communication port
2 external DC power supply
1 GSM or CDMA SIM card slot
1 built-in lithium battery slot
1 built-in radio antenna interface
Intelligent Voice Module
With broadcasting function for each operation and status checking
Static, Fast Static: Horizontal: ± (2.5+1× 10-6D) mm
Vertical: ± (5+1× 10-6D) mm
RTK Accuracy: Horizontal: ± (10 +1× 10-6D) mm
Vertical: ± (20 +1× 10-6D) mm
Physical Feature
With ARM Corn Control Chip, built-in 64 M Flash Memory
Dimension: φ 194mm× H109mm
Weight: 1.75kg ( Incl. Li-ion battery)
Anti-impact from 2 meters nature fall, waterproof in 1 meters deep water
Internal Li-ion battery. With standard battery in 5000 mAh: 16 hours in static mode, 14 hours in GPRS mode, and 8 hours in 2W transmitting power
6~28V external DC power supported, external and internal power supply exchanged automatic
Receiver Power Consumption: 2.1 W
IP Standard: IP67, waterproof, completely dust-proof and anti-impact.
Working temperature: -45C~65C, storage temperature: -55C~85C
100% Humidity non-condensing