SOKKIA adalah satu-satunya perusahaan pembuat peralatan survey di dunia yang khusus hanya membuat alat survey saja. Perusahaan ini pertama kali didirikan di Jepang sekitar tahun 1920 dengan nama Sokkisha, yang arti dalam bahasa Jepangnya adalah pabrik alat survey. Nama perusahaan itu kemudian dijadikan juga sebagai merek dari berbagai peralatan survey yang mereka buat. Sekitar tahun 1992 nama merek diganti menjadi SOKKIA, dan dipakai hingga sekarang. Sebagai perusahaan yang hanya memproduksi alat survey saja, SOKKIA sangat bergantung pada keunggulan produk serta rantai pemasarannya. Termasuk di sana adalah keakuratan, kehandalan di lapangan, kesederhanaan sistem kerja, kelengkapan alat (hardware, internal software), tim pemasaran, dan purna jual yang meliputi kalibrasi maupun perbaikan peralatan.
INDOSURTA adalah sales, servis, & rental resmi SOKKIA untuk seluruh Indonesia sejak sekitar tahun 2010. INDOSURTA dengan kantor pusat di Jakarta dan kantor cabangnya (Surabaya, Balikpapan, Batam, & Makassar) memberikan layanan sepenuhnya berupa solusi bagi pengguna peralatan survey untuk berbagai masalah di lapangan. SOKKIA melalui INDOSURTA menyediakan cakupan jenis produk yang luas, baik optik manual maupun elektronik digital, baik hardware ataupun software. Selain dari produk unggul SOKKIA, INDOSURTA ditopang oleh tenaga ahli di bidang survey (geodesi, pertambangan, sipil) dan spesialis di bidang kalibrasi dan perbaikan peralatan.

Compact X-ellence Station CX Series Tradition Meets Innovation
Before using the CX series, it is necessary to perform
the user registration
User registration before use (Open in  another window)[PDF:355KB]
An industry first! New function to protect your investment.
RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM
RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM
• Fast distance measurement of 0.9s regardless of object.
• SOKKIA traditional pinpoint precision in reflectorless distance measurement.
• Reflectorless operation from 30cm to 500m.
• Coaxial EDM beam and laser-pointer provide fast and accurate aiming.
• Ensures accuracy even with reflective sheets.
LongLink Data Communication
LongLink Data Communication*
• The CX series of total stations features Bluetooth® Class1 wireless technology  for reliable data communications.
• All CX data is instantly available at the Bluetooth-equipped controller.
*Offered as an option in some areas.
Advanced Angle Measurement System
• CX features SOKKIA's original absolute encoders that provide long-term reliability in any job site condition. Dual-axis compensator ensures stable measurements even when setup on uneven terrain.
• Sokkia’s traditional motion clamp and tangent screw are employed to ensure stable angle measurement.
• CX101 and CX102 feature groundbreaking IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) technology for extremely reliable angle measurement.
The Longest*1 Battery Life - 36 Hours!
extra battery
• The CX single battery can last up to 36 hours.*2
• Greatly reduces likelihood of low power during any full-days work.
• Eliminates the need for nightly recharging or carrying extra batteries.
*1 As of December, 2011.
*2 Operating time will vary depending upon environmental conditions and CX activity.
Waterproof, Rugged, and Operator Friendly
• IP66 dustproof / waterproof rating.
• Metal chassis and heavy duty handle add ruggedness.
• Standard usage temperature range-20°to +60°C.
• USB TypeA port for convenient added memory. Use of included USB accessory assures IP66 protection.
• One-touch star key [★ ] offers instant access to functions.
• Conveniently located “trigger” key lets you take a series of measurements with the push of a button without taking your eye off the telescope.
• Control panel features large 10-key pad with LCD that provides optimum viewing and convenience.*2
• Green/red telescope guide light enhances work efficiency in a range up to 150m.
• Built-in laser plummet with five brightness levels is equipped for quick instrument setting in all lighting conditions.*2
* 1 Low temperature models available as options.
*2 Option.

IP66 USB typeA port 

Bluetooth (Open in another window)TSshield
CX series specification 

Superior Waterproof and Dustproof
SET60 series conform to IEC Standard IP54. No worry about sudden bad weather.

High Accuracy & Long Measuring Range
 Long measuring range
• High accuracy: ±(2mm + 2ppm x D) m.s.e.
• Long distance: 2,000m with a single prism.

Enhanced Absolute Encoder
SET60 Series adopted an absolute encoder system, which doesn't require 0 set and realizes stable measurement with less reading error.

Dual-axis tilt sensor
 Dual-axis tilt sensor
The dual-axis tilt sensor monitors inclination of both X and Y axes, and correct horizontal and vertical angle readings automatically.

Extra-large memory capacity for 24,000 points
SET60 Series store the measured data up to 24,000 points.

Versatile Application Functions
On-board data collection, Survey, Layout, Road Calculation, and many more functions.
• Remote Elevation Measurement (R.E.M.)
 Remote elevation measurement
To easily determine the height of a point where a prism cannot be placed. Take a distance to a prism placed either directly above or directly below the target point, then sight to the target point.

• Missing Line Measurement (M.L.M.)Missing line measurement
To measure horizontal distance, slope distance and height difference between two prisms.

• Layout
Layout function for coordinate measurement and control stakeout and resection measurements.

• Road
Road function automatically calculates parameters of a complicated spiral curve and a long distance route simply by defining the start point, end point and curve elements.


Electronic Digital Theodolites DT240 / DT540 / DT740 / DT940 / DT540L / DT740L / DT940L
Quality, Performance, and Affordability that Ensure Maximum Profitability
SuperiorPerformance and Durability
All models feature superior optics, mechanics, advanced absolute encoder systems, proven tilt compensators, and the industry's highest IP66 protection grade.
Power-Saving Technology Saves Battery Costs
Four AA alkaline batteries provide extra-long operating time from 100 to 170 hours, saving costs for replacement batteries. The DT Series instruments operate for two to five weeks without changing batteries*.
* When used for seven hours a day, five days a week, excluding the use of laser pointers.
Laser Pointer to Increase Construction Work Efficiency (Laser models) (The laser models incorporate built-in coaxial laser pointers that maximize construction work efficiency).
The applications include:
- Layout (Setting-Out)
- Horizontal/Vertical Alignment
- Leveling
- Grading
- Squaring

DT240 DT540 DT740 DT940 Digital Theodolites (Standard Model)
Model DT240 DT540 DT740 DT940
Telescope Magnification 30x 26x
Display resolutions (selectable) 1" / 5"
0.2 / 1mgon
5" / 10"
1 / 2mgon
10" / 20"
2 / 5mgon
Angle Accuracy 2" 5" 7" 9"
Automatic compensator Working range ±3'(±55mgon) -
Control panel layout On both faces On single face
Weight w/batteries 4.1kg (9.0lb.) 3.5kg (7.7lb.)
Battery LR6/AA batteries x 4
Operating time with
alkaline batteries
Theodolite only 100hours 140hours 150hours 170hours

DT540L DT740L DT940L Digital Theodolites (Laser Model)
Model DT540L DT740L DT940L
Laser visible range 50m (160ft.) / 200m (660ft.)
Telescope Magnification 30x 26x
Display resolutions (selectable) 1" / 5"
0.2 / 1mgon
5" / 10"
1 / 2mgon
10" / 20"
2 / 5mgon
Angle Accuracy 5" 7" 9"
Automatic compensator Working range ±3'(±55mgon) -
Control panel layout On both faces On single face
Weight w/batteries 4.2 kg (9.3lb.) 3.6kg (7.9lb.)
Battery LR6/AA batteries x 4
Operating time with
alkaline batteries
Theodolite only 140hours 150hours 170hours
Laser only 80hours
Theodolite + laser 45hours


Automatic Levels B20 / B30 / B40
SOKKIA provides a wide range of automatic levels to suit your specific needs. All models incorporate exclusively designed precision compensators that employ a magnetic damping system for outstanding accuracy and dependability.
IPX6 compliant water resistant.
B20 B30 B40 Automatic Levels
Model B20 B30 B40
Telescope magnification 32x 28x 24x
Objective aperture 42mm (1.7in.)  36mm (1.4in.)  32mm (1.3in.)
Minimum focus 0.2m (7.9in.) from end of telescope,
0.3m (1.0ft.) from instrument center
Accuracy* Without micrometer 0.7mm (0.03in.)  1.5mm (0.06in.) 2.0mm (0.08in.)
With micrometer 0.5mm (0.02in.) -
Compensator Type 4 wire pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
Working range  ±15'
Water protection IPX6 (IEC60529)
Horizontal circle graduation 1º (1gon)
Weight 1.85kg (4.1lb.) 1.7kg (3.7lb.)
* Standard deviation for 1km double-run leveling.